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"Tenho apenas duas mãos e o sentimento do mundo"
Carlos Drummond de Andrade

I was graduated in Architecture in the University Lusíada of Lisbon.

As an architect, I have a huge passion for Art and and this reflects in everything I do in live. I believe projects should be developed according to the client, the place, the program and combining architecture, fashion, design and art in general. in such a way they give the final product a strong identity.

The travels I do, the way I watch and feel the world and people around me, the never ending research for different things and the contact with the work of the amazing designers and artists I admire, help me create a final idea full of originality. It happens in architecture and interior decoration projects, and it also happens when I build a scenario or design an object for a special purpose: something to light, decorate, use in daily routines or simply watch. My database blend and combine different areas and allows me to show a good final product. Also because I'm not afraid of challenges. As a matter of fact I'm always looking for new challenges. I'm always trying to understand people's dreams and I run from art galery to art galery hoping to find new amazing things. At work I enjoy listening to what carpenters, masons, metal workers and electricians have to say about their work. I know they have a lot of experience and I know they can be a precious help for my projects. They sometimes show you the detail that makes the difference. I look at the world I feel it in a positive global way and I'm always ready to face a new challenge.

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Joana Marcelino

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